Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

We are the Friends of Battle Park. We are friends of the living forest within the park’s borders. Friends of the great blue herons, blue jays, and cardinals, friends of the mighty oaks, beautyberry, and switch cane; friends of the white-tail deer, and eastern gray squirrel, of the microbes in the soil, the fungi and moss; friends of the frogs, toads, and lizards, of the turtle and crawdads, and of the butterflies, and beetles. We are friends of a healthy, rich, vibrant eco-system capable of supporting so much life. We embrace a principled and sustainable land ethic. We support ethical nature based educational programming in the park. We support management efforts that aim to protect, preserve and enhance the native fauna and flora within park borders.

Friends of Battle Park, Inc. is exempt from federal tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are deductible. Our primary goals are two-fold: (1) Preservation, and (2) Education. Throughout the year, we offer a series of programs and events that are designed to manage and preserve the precious and unique eco-diversity of Battle Park, as well as garner public interest and awareness. Our educational programs include Nature Walks, plant identification, and earth skills opportunities such as basket weaving and bead making. If you value Battle Park and would like to see it continue to develop into a natural preserve, we encourage you to Get Involved.